Conner Creek


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Marine Remediation

Location:       Michigan

Installation:   2004


The Challenge:

Removal of biosolids, PCBs, heavy metals, and carbon fuel contaminated sediments from combined storm sewer and sewage overflow canal [photo 1].

The Solution:

Geotube® containers were placed in a dewatering cell alongside Conner Creek to dewater 75,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediments [photo 2].  This involved 14,000 linear feet of 60' circumference GT500 Geotube® dewatering containers to contain, dewater, and remove the contaminants from the dredged sediments [photo 3].

The clean effluent was collected and then returned to Conner Creek [photo 4], while the dewatered sediments were removed with a hydraulic excavator and taken to a local landfill [photo 5].

The collected solids exceeded 47 percent.