Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Light Industrial

Location:       Mexico


The Challenge:

Mexico's largest chicken processing plant was experiencing high levels of BOD discharge into a local river because their two on-site lagoons were full of solids.  Federal regulations required immediate action to remove the solids.

The Solution:

Geotube® containers were chosen because they could be rapidly deployed and were capable of removing large volumes of solids in a short period of time.

An on-site baseball field was converted to a 200' x 300' dewatering cell.  An impermeable liner was placed on the field surface, followed by a three-dimensional mat to enhance drainage [photo 2].  Once the site preparation was complete, two layers of Geotube® containers (90' circulation x 188' long) were installed and the dewatering began immediately [photo 3].

The Results:

Within 90 days, 16 million gallons of waste materials were dewatered.  The two on-site lagoons were restored to proper operating levels, and the BOD in discharge was below permitted levels.

The sludge continued to dewater in the Geotube® containers and later was made available to local farmers for fertilizer.