Pharmaceutical Plant, Southeast


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Light Industrial

Location:       Southeast


The Challenge:

A pharmaceutical plant produced two waste streams that generated 200,000 gallons of waste per day.  Drying beds and belt presses were not able to handle this large volume of waste.

The Solution:

Geotube® units were selected to contain and dewater 126,000 gallons per day of the waste stream.  The sludge content included lime neutralized water, caustic neutralized water, and wastewater streams with high salts concentration.  This increased the efficiency and the capacity of the on-site drying beds.

Each 60' circumference Geotube® unit was filled for approximately two months.  They remained on site for 4-6 weeks until the dewatering cake solids were removed.  Low ground-pressure track hoes were used to remove the dewatered solids [photo 6], so that the sand drying beds required less replacement sand after the removal of the solids.

The Results:

Increased efficiency and capacity of the drying beds led to Geotube® dewatering being incorporated as part of the plant's operating process.  The plant is now managing waste volume and staying in compliance without additional capital expenditures.