PET Bottle Manufacturing Plant


Product:         Geotube® Dewatering Technology

Application:   Light Industrial

Location:       Brazil


The Challenge:

The manufacturing processes at a PET bottle plant generated solids that exceeded the capacity of its on-site lagoons.

The Solution:

Geotube® dewatering technology was implemented as an in-line process to eliminate solids going into the lagoons [photo 2].  The company built a dewatering cell with a concrete slab, perimeter drainage channels, and aggregate as drainage media [photo 3].

The Results:

The Geotube® dewatering technology successfully removed all solids from the process waste.  [Comparison before treatment and after is shown in photo 4.]  The resulting effluent was able to be released without any further treatment.  This new in-line process ultimately allowed for the manufacturing plant to expand its capacity.