Industrial Fabrics

Air Filtration

TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics deliver solutions to meet your custom filtration needs.  From our complete product line for the Filtration Market, we offer materials that are created using state of the art manufacturing facilities.  Our ISO certified facilities allow us the versatility to customize woven widths, slit widths, roll lengths, and CFMs.  Our products meet a variety of filtration applications from electrostatic air filters, air conditioning units, refrigeration units, and other liquid filtration needs.  

TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics deliver solutions that yield high performance, durability, and guaranteed results for various markets.  From our complete product line for the Specialty Market, we offer materials that deliver performance like our TenCate Nicolon® 3-D fabric that is shock absorbent, lightweight, and durable. 

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TenCate Nicolon® industrial fabrics filtration market products that make a difference.

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