TenCate Mirafi® MSCAPE

TenCate Mirafi® MSCAPE nonwoven geotextiles are staple fibers used for soil separation and drainage. They combine high tensile strength, along with excellent physical and hydraulic properties. This aggressive geotextile is designed to handle many environmental problems found in roads, embankments, airfields, landfills, and sports construction projects.  


TenCate Mirafi® MSCAPE nonwoven geotextiles function for:

  • Separation

The Difference TenCate Mirafi® MSCAPE nonwoven geotextiles make:

  • Inhibits existing weed growth while surpressing new weed growth.
  • Permits passage of air and liquids, including fertilizers.
  • Prevents “souring” of soil beds associated with impermeable plastic sheets.
  • Remains in place and will not rot, mildew, become brittle or biologically decompose.
  • Resists UV rays and temperature extremes.
  • Resists acids, alkalines, common herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers.
  • Resists tearing and puncture, but can easily be cut to fit any shape
  • Provides excellent water permeability.

System Solutions: 
Waste Management

  • Landfill Drainage and Filtration
  • Barriers

Water Management

  • Subsurface Drainage
  • Highways
  • Under airfields
  • Athletic fields
  • Water Containment
  • Water Protection

TenCate Mirafi® MSCAPE nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles…geosynthetics that make a difference.