Mirafi® Product Case Studies


Roadway and Railway Construction
Subgrade Stabilization
TenCate Mirafi® HP570 Transmission Line Roads
FL Download PDF
TenCate Mirafi® HP570, BXG12, 500X Subgrade Stabilization  Lakeland, FL Download PDF
Base Reinforcement
TenCate Mirafi® RS580i & BXG12 Base Course Reinforcement  Port of Tampa, FL  Download PDF
TenCate Mirafi® MPV400 Runway Resurfacing
Cape Canaveral, FL Download PDF

Engineered Structures

Embankments on Soft Foundation Soils

TenCate Mirafi® HS400 & BXG11 Pile Supported Embankment  Lakeland, FL Download PDF
Steepened Slopes
TenCate Miragrid® 3XT & TenCate Miramesh® GR Terraced Vegetated Slope
Sanford, FL Download PDF

Temporary Retaining Walls

TenCate Miragrid® 8XT & TenCate Mirafi® HP570 Temporary Wire Wall Key Largo, FL Download PDF