25 November 2008

TenCate Provides Reinforcement for Minneapolis Bridge

The I-35W Bridge was an eight-lane steel truss arch bridge that carried 140,000 vehicles per day across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN. The bridge catastrophically collapsed during evening rush hour on August 1, 2007, killing 13 people and injuring approximately 100 more.

On September 18, 2008, engineers completed the new St. Anthony Falls Bridge. The 10-lane bridge has a 100-year life span and measures 189 feet wide. To expedite the design- build process, engineers used TenCate™ high-strength geotextiles in the project, which was completed in 339 days.

In order to allow simultaneous construction of a retaining wall and the bridge, a temporary 10-12 foot fabric-wrapped wall was installed at four locations adjacent to the bridge abutment. Engineers chose Mirafi® HP570 to provide the necessary reinforcement for the temporary retained structure and its durable face. This material is composed of high-tenacity polypropylene yarns, which are woven into a stable network making the product inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids.

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Client Contact:
Jennifer Ellis, Marketing Coordinator