20 June 2008

TenCate Engineers Determine the Separation Capability of Geosynthetics

Use Of The Separation Factor Assists In Selection Of Geosynthetics For Roadway Design

Geotechnical engineering requires separation, which is a process that can happen two ways.  One way is through the use of an additional layer of soil, which is quite expensive. The second more cost-effective and efficient way is through the use of a separation geosynthetic.

In order for a geosynthetic to be used in separation applications, it must meet specific industry requirements. These well-documented requirements include the following:

Retention – The geosynthetic opening must be small enough to prevent migration of sub-grade fine particles into the base course under dynamic vehicle loads.

Permeability – The size and number of openings in a geosynthetic must be large enough to facilitate the flow of liquid in either a downward or upward direction.

Survivability – A geosynthetic must have the required strength and stability to withstand installation and perform in separation applications. (GRI)

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