17 March 2008

NTPEP Completes Evaluation of Miragrid® Geogrids

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in conjunction with NTPEP have developed a process for the evaluation of production data and field performance data for reinforcement geosynthetics.  The data generated by NTPEP is valuable for State DOT’s and other regulatory agencies to develop and maintain Qualified Products Listings (QPL).  Additionally, the data is valuable to participating industries for corroborating their published specifications.  

"The Project Work Plan developed by NTPEP is among the most stringent review processes available for geosynthetic reinforcement materials", stated John Henderson, PE, Vice-President of Marketing for TenCateTM Geosynthetics.  "This final evaluation is a compilation of years of research and testing to truly characterize the Miragrid® XT product line.  We are excited to be among the first geosynthetic producers to complete this evaluation process."

The evaluation is performed in accordance with WSDOT Standard Practice T925 to determine the long-term strength of the geosynthetic reinforcement, including the long-term strength reduction factors.  Detailed evaluations are performed on creep, installation damage, and durability to determine the appropriate reduction factors.  Additional conformance testing is performed to provide additional verification of these reduction factors.

"We were most impressed with the detail and thoroughness of the process", stated Henderson.  "This final evaluation provides the hard data, backed by extensive research, that engineers and regulatory officials need to choose the correct geosynthetics reinforcement material."

A PDF of this report can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

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