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TenCate Geosynthetics is actively participating in the booming oil and gas shale plays throughout North America.  TenCate's Innovative Mirafi® RSi-Series geotextiles have proven very beneficial to both energy companies and consulting engineers looking for better means to stabilize well pads and access roads. Aggregate reduction, lower long term maintenance costs and a reduced carbon footprint are key benefits of RSi geotextiles.  

TenCate’s line of geotextiles in the design of your well pads and access roads helps our environment. Reduction in aggregate thickness results in a reduction in the number of trucks entering your site to deliver, spread and compact aggregate. Less trucks equals less CO2 emissions. Reducing the need to constantly maintain your well pads and access roads with additional grading and aggregate also helps our environment. CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum, as your site remains stabilized throughout its life. If your company goals include a reduction in CO2 emissions, TenCate can help.

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