Athletic Field in Lynchburg, VA gets new MSE Retaining Wall

Applications MSE Retaining Wall
Location: Randolph College Athletic Field, Lynchburg, VA
Products: Miragrid® 3XT, 5XT, 8XT
Job Owner: Randolph College
Engineer: Circeo Geotechnical Engineering
Contractor: Sampson Construction

Randolph College in Lynchburg, VA was building a new athletic field and track stadium. With the existing topography, they needed retaining walls designed to fit in the new facility. They also wanted to incorporate the stadium seating into one of the tiered walls to give better viewing.   

The engineer decided to use the Rockwood Straight Face brown block with Miragrid® XTseries geogrid for reinforcement. The geogrid strength in the area near the stadium seating needed to be increased due to the additional loading anticipated. 
Geogrid draped over the blocks while backfill and aggregate drainage liner is placed.  

The construction of the athletic field and stadium went extremely well considering the work was finished up during the winter months. The construction began on a 25 foot tall wall and finished with a roughly 30 foot tall two tiered wall. This tiered wall design allowed for placement of the stadium seating as well as incorporating the press box into the area. 

IMG_construction field 
Site prior to retaining wall construction.   

The use of Miragrid® XT-series geogrids allowed the Randolph College to select a wall design that met the aesthetics and strength requirements for their retaining wall. It also gave them the flexibility of positioning the stadium seats at the best elevation for viewing.   
A two tier retaining wall allows for proper grading and placement of the stadium seating.
IMG_completed field 
Randolph College's completed athletic facility.