Our services

Design Recommendations

Our team of geotechnical engineers and fiber optic sensing specialists will assist with the system configuration, sensor location and monitoring strategy for optimum performance. We provide preliminary feasibility assessments, budget estimates and qualified project proposals. Specific design may be provided by our engineering partners.


Our monitoring solution is customized to the specific requirements of each project. Options include:

  • Web based for remote access
  • Continuous
  • Periodic readings
  • Reference monitoring
  • Dynamic/Static

Installation Services

Our team of Systems Integrators are experts in installing fiber optic sensing technologies and data acquisition systems around the world.

TenCate GeoDetect® S-BR sensor-enabled geotextile installation safety instructions


Data acquisition software is included in the TenCate GeoDetect® solution. Our team optimizes this base software to the specific requirements of each project.


Operational training on the instrumentation equipment and software is provided.

Data Management

Different levels of access can be established for real-time data acquisition reports, warnings and alerts can be established. Recommendations for actions to be taken if unexpected responses occur outside of agreed upon parameters.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Data analysis and interpretation can be included in the project"s scope of work as an option. Data analysis and interpretation is provided by our engineering partners.