Superior Science

Superior Science


Our continued commitment to research and development has been a primary reason for TenCate's long-held leadership position in the market.

TenCate is always exploring applications for the latest resin technology. In-house formulation capabilities allow our researchers to make on-the-spot adjustments to achieve ideal properties for the next generation of synthetic grass blades. Using these advancements, TenCate provides components for sports turf that better retain their shape and last longer.

We also invest heavily in equipment to replicate real-world use. Our team of engineers put TenCate materials through a battery of tests to gauge factors such as durability, playability and resilience. Athletes and facility managers are also actively involved in special evaluation methods, enabling our researchers to convert end-user perceptions into measurable values.

With 35 years of experience, TenCate has developed an industry-leading process for developing and testing synthetic turf that is unmatched by any competitor.