NFL Proven

Any Given Sunday


On any given Sunday during the season, NFL players walk on to football fields built with TenCate materials. Half of all NFL teams have game or practice fields with synthetic turf featuring our products. And in a sport where on-field performance is the ultimate judge, TenCate provides players the optimal surface conditions to play at their best.

The New Standard
Gone are the days when synthetic turf was the choice of last resort for indoor or cold-weather NFL stadiums. Today, there is widespread recognition of synthetic turf as the superior choice for optimal, predictable playing conditions indoors or outside. This new standard is clear when you consider the following statistic:

Of the three most recent NFL stadiums built, every single one chose to use synthetic turf with TenCate materials.

  • Cowboys Stadium (Dallas Cowboys)
  • New Meadowlands Stadium (New York Giants / New York Jets)
  • Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts)

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Football coaches preach repetition for a reason -- the difference between winning and losing can come down to one player not being in the right place at the right time. Synthetic turf provides coaches with a surface that's always available and always perfect, so they can run drills until their guys get it right.