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Designing Beneficial Use into Dredging Remediation Projects Using Geotextile Tube Technology

Economic expansion in emerging countries is taking place at a rapid pace, requiring major infrastructure, environmental, and civil projects that support and reflect the countries position on the global stage. This paper will highlight a Brazilian project in the military sector, and shares the environmental, geotechnical, and economic challenges requiring environmental remediation utilizing innovative geotextile tube containment and dewatering technology.
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Beneficial use of Dredged Sediments 

Over the last decade, some very interesting projects have been executed in the Netherlands, all based on the idea to use dredged sediments in order to save on construction materials and, by doing so, on project cost. On a much larger scale in different parts of the world, the same working principles have helped justify the economic viability of this solution. This paper will showcase some of the works that were done and discuss which lessons have been learned.
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Geotextile Containment and Dewatering of Contaminated Sediments in China

This informative paper describes different examples using geotextile containment solutions for disposal of contaminated sediments in China. 
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