16 November 2009

TenCate Advanced Armour introduces new variations of TenCate Pro Tector®, a multi-threat personal protective material used mainly in body armour applications

At Milipol 2009 in Paris from 17 November until 20 November, TenCate Advanced Armour is introducing new versions of TenCate Pro-Tector® that will facilitate variations in body armour constructions for men and women. It will offer the chance to create the best available combined protection against hand gun projectiles, knives, spikes, fragment blasts as well as hypodermic needles.

Personal protection
An increase in threats and violence, both locally and around the world makes it essential that personal protection for those who work in potentially life-threatening environments can withstand any threats they might encounter. Both overt and covert vest solutions are increasingly being used for multi-threat protection against threats such as not only bullets, but also knives, spikes, fragments and other edges objects.

TenCate Pro-Tector® is currently being used by various different law enforcement organisations, security companies and military forces in operations, around the world, in which an outstanding range of protection under varying conditions and in unforeseen situations is essential.

TenCate Pro-Tector® technology
TenCate Pro-Tector® is a proprietary coated ballistic technology based on aramid fibres currently available, combined with a variation of resin systems. This results in a flexible, lightweight, high-performance material, mostly intended for use in personal protection solutions. They can also be used in other applications where weatherproof or even blast-resistant properties are an advantage. The TenCate Pro-Tector® high tech product range provides several significant advantages, including strong durability with increased abrasion resistance, for better performance under tough conditions.

By the use of TenCate Pro-Tector® a single stand alone concept, can be used for protection against a range of bullets, knives, spikes, fragments and other edged objects, which is not possible with the ordinary fabrics used in body armour.

The TenCate Pro Tector® family introduced now, consists of the following products that further enable hybrid constructions for fine tuned performance:

  • TenCate Pro-Tector® 125 is a light weight version for highest performance;
  • TenCate Pro-Tector® 200 is the standard version;
  • TenCate Pro-Tector® 300 is a cost effective version and can also be used as effective traumaliner.

TenCate Pro-Tector® is available in large sheets (3.66x1.30m) and from the beginning of 2010 it will also be available on the roll.

Customised solutions
Working closely with decision makers and garment manufactures, TenCate is now able to provide configurations options, depending on the requirements balancing between weight, performance and cost.

The weatherproof characteristics of TenCate Pro-Tector® as well as the impressive back face deformation-reducing effects without compromising on ballistic performance, with no need for additional trauma liner or extensive stitching, provide key additional advantages in vest production and end-use.

TenCate Pro-Tector® provides state-of-the-art multi-threat performance for personal protective solutions that are certified in accordance with international standards that include NIJ, PSDB, ISO, TR, Mil and Stanag, as well as customer-specific requirements.

TenCate Advanced Armour EMEA & APAC
Almelo, The Netherlands, Monday 16 November 2009

Note for the editor:

Milipol 2009
TenCate Advanced Armour welcomes you at our stand no. 12E33 in Hall 1 from Tuesday 17 until Friday 20 November 2009. 

Background information on TenCate Pro-Tector® is available on the website

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