29 July 2013

Product Announcement: TenCate Aramid-Shield™ 1000 (ASII) Series (Soft Body Armor Material)

TenCate Advanced Armor is pleased to announce the launch of TenCate Aramid-Shield™ 1000 (ASII) Series Soft Body Armor Material, one of the many new product families within the Personal Protection Products (P3) Program, available to armor manufacturers only.

TenCate Aramid-Shield™ 1000 (ASII) is a unidirectional aramid material that is constructed in a 4-ply (0°/90°/0°/90°) matrix, sandwiched between thermoplastic films.  The increased ballistic performance and reduction in trauma is derived from a proprietary two-stage manufacturing process that combines unidirectional manufacturing with high-pressure pressing. Due to this proprietary two-stage process, TenCate Aramid-Shield™ 1000 (ASII) Series is only available in sheet goods and is not available in rolled goods. 

TenCate Advanced Armor is developing a complete line of armor solutions that will encompass fifteen families of hard body armor plates, two hard armor solutions used in ballistic resistant shields, six soft body armor models, and two soft body armor materials. The complete family of armor solutions will be available both under a TenCate Advanced Armor brand and / or private labeled under an armor manufacturer’s brand.

For more information, view the TenCate Aramid-Shield™ 1000 Product Data Sheet or contact

TenCate Advanced Armor,  Newark (Ohio), United States of America, Monday 29 July, 2013 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)