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TenCate Advanced Armor solutions have proved their worth in conflict zones, security operations and policing duties all around the world. Our engineering team designs customised protection solutions tailored to meet the terms with specific customer requirements that include threat levels, weight and cost. Our solutions are lightweight so it only adds a minimum of weight, thus providing a maximum of protection with only minimal reduction in maneuverability.

Survivability solutions and applications

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Recent News

  • New Survivability Quarterly out now

    Survivability Quarterly Winter 2015 Front

    We are pleased to present the spring edition of our global newsletter, Survivability Quarterly. In this edition, we focus on the technological developments in smart body armour and active blast protection, where TenCate ABDS™ has crossed a major threshold into becoming the first active underbody protection system operationalised for armoured vehicle fleets.

    We hope you enjoy reading and will kindly ask that you take our market survey to help us learn and improve our performance as preferred strategic partner for survivability solutions.

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  • US ARMY Demonstrates TenCate ABDS™ Active Mine Blast Defeat on Heavy Combat Platforms for DARPA

    TenCate Advanced Armor and the US ARMY Research Labs (ARL) successfully completed an Active Underbody Blast Protection test series on behalf of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Additional government offices, including the Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) - Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), were at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Grounds in October to witness the lifesaving capabilities of the TenCate ABDS™ Sentinel X™ system on a heavy combat vehicle platform.

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  • TenCate wins contract award for integration of TenCate ABDS(TM) active blast countermeasure system

    TenCate Advanced Armor in the USA has been selected by the Defense Mobility Enterprise (DME) for its engineering expertise in active blast technology. Under contract via DME, engineers of TenCate will integrate the TenCate ABDS(TM) active blast countermeasure system onto the U.S. Army Combat Vehicle Prototype.

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  • TenCate ABDS™ Active Blast Countermeasure System proves Quantum Leap in Soldier Survivability

    TenCate ABDS test

    German BAAINBW and Dutch DMO have in two parallel projects tested the ABDS™ Blast Countermeasure System on full scale fully instrumented blast test rigs and APC vehicles.

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  • TenCate awarded contract from BAE Systems for protection of CV90s to Norway

    BAE CV9030 TenCate Advanced Armour

    TenCate Advanced Armour in Denmark has been selected by BAE Systems Hägglunds as supplier of protection for the ongoing upgrade and new-build program of CV90 vehicles to the Norwegian Army. The contract further builds on the competences of the Danish TenCate site as House of Excellence for vehicle survivability. No financial details will be provided.

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