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Ground Vehicle Protection

In modern day conflict zones, deployed troops and their vehicles often face the threats of asymmetrical warfare such as improvised explosive devices (IED) and rocket propelled grenades (RPG), as well as different types of firearms. The survivability of modern military vehicles and their crews is thus determined by the ability of the vehicles to withstand blast, fragments and explosively formed projectiles (EFP) from IEDs. This variety of threats demands effective armoring systems to provide adequate protection for the soldiers.
TenCate Advanced Armor provides armor solutions for a wide range of vehicles. These solutions are well proven products whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in combat zones around the world. TenCate Advanced Armor lightweight vehicle protection systems add the minimum weight to vehicles, providing excellent protection with the least reduction in maneuverability and operational range. 
The high levels of ballistic protection are achieved by using the most lightweight solutions available. TenCate offers ceramic solutions with superior multi-hit resistance for high risk operations. Inserts are lightweight and are available in a wide range of shapes, from flat to complex ergonomic designs. This flexible design concept ensures that the system fits the user perfectly, providing maximum comfort and greater endurance during operations. TenCate Advanced Armor solutions result in a high multi-hit capability, protecting the vehicle against the effects of multiple projectiles, blast and fragments.
TenCate Advanced Armor also offers solutions for mine and blast protection provide the vehicle crews with an excellent chance of survival when exposed to the impact of explosions by a lightweight and flexible armor system. Personnel are further protected by the TenCate spall liner system, which effectively limits the potentially lethal internal spalling. Vehicle armor from TenCate Advanced Armor can be provided by add-on solutions, spall liners and 3D structural armor where key components such as hatches, doors, bonnets etc. are replaced by all composite solutions which provide substantially better protection and a notable reduction in weight in comparison to steel solutions.

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