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Advanced Armor Solutions

Today's composite armor technology is quickly moving beyond the realm of heavy, cumbersome metallic solutions. TenCate Advanced Armor USA has been pushing the limits of armor composite and armor ceramic technology to offer the lightest, most advanced hard and flexible armor solutions to their worldwide customer base.  

As one of the world’s largest hard armor producers, TenCate Advanced Armor specializes in the capability to both “build-to-print” and “design-to-threat” armor. TenCate Advanced Armor is staffed with experienced engineers who can design a solution to meet your specific requirement and then test it in our onsite state-of-the-art ballistic shooting range.  

Common TenCate Advanced Armor solutions include High Performance Polyethylene, Ceramic Armor Systems, Ballistic Aramid Fabric, Fiberglass Phenolic Panels and Small Arms Protective Inserts. 

At TenCate Advanced Armor we ensure the survivability of the people working in hostile environments, and we know and respect how very important our product performance is. This is our greatest motivation. Many of our employees have a military background, and the dangers facing deployed personnel in conflict zones are well-known to us. We understand the environment in which our soldiers have to perform their jobs. At TenCate Advanced Armor, we therefore fully understand the value of lighter and better protection, and we have made it our business to be leader in this field without ever accepting that excellent is good enough.


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