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TenCate Advanced Armor USA is able to apply the very latest technologies and newest materials in order to ensure maximum protection and survivability for both equipment and personnel. Based on substantial experience in both material science and practical applications of armor solutions, we are specialized in the complete process of designing, certification, manufacturing, and quality testing of ballistic protection solutions in accordance with strict regulations and industry standards.
TenCate Advanced Armor fully understands the value of lighter and better protection, and has made it their business to be a leader in this field without ever accepting that excellent is good enough. As weapon technologies evolve and become increasingly complex to protect against, we have developed the technologies to counter them. To this end they work closely with international organizations and individual users of products, to anticipate new requirements and find effective ways of tackling new, unforeseen situations where protection is required.
TenCate Advanced Armor has solutions for a wide range of platforms including light, medium and heavy vehicles, maritime platforms, aircraft and personnel protection systems. Each present different protection challenges, theaters and operational requirements, so as a result, protection level needs vary. This means we have become experts in customizing every armor solution to the requirements and specifications posed by end-users, MoDs, OEMs, and system integrators.
As one of the world’s largest hard armor producers, TenCate Advanced Armor specializes in the capability of both "build-to-print" and "design-to-threat" armor. With more than 20 years of experience, TenCate Advanced Armor has a strong global track record as a cost-effective, quality driven and highly reliable partner in complex and customized large-scale projects.
Globally, TenCate provides lightweight armor solutions that make a difference.
As a member of TenCate's Advanced Composites Group, TenCate Advanced Armor USA is a part of a worldwide materials and armor company that is pushing the limits to implement unique
solutions utilizing composites and ceramics technology. Founded in 1990, TenCate Advanced Armor USA has established itself as a world leader in advanced composite materials supplied to both aerospace and commercial/industrial markets. TenCate Advanced Armor's success is attributed to its leading edge technology, high quality products, and a customer driven culture that encourages responsiveness, cooperation and teamwork. 
High Performance Panel Pressing
TenCate Advanced Armor is the world’s largest producer of hard armor panels supplying customers around the world.  It currently supports a variety of programs including protection for personnel, structures, rotor-wing aircraft, tactical wheeled vehicles, combat vehicles and marine craft. The presses in Ohio are capable of producing panels up to 48”x96” at 500 psi and 63”x55” at 3,000 psi.  TenCate Advanced Armor is capable of producing panels with complex geometry such as seats or multi-curve body armor backings.  To date, more than 1,000,000 backings used in the production of body armor plates for the U.S. military has been supplied to prime contractors. TenCate Advanced Armor is currently supplying more than 20,000 SAPI plates per month for foreign military sales.  All of these plates are manufactured in the Ohio facilities.
Processing Expertise
TenCate Advanced Armor’s unique processing sets the standard for high performance composites in the armor industry.  The proprietary processing parameters and conditions bring higher consistency and performance to the finished products.  This in turn allows for lighter armor solutions whether the panels are used as a standalone armor solution or as part of a more complex system in conjunction with other materials.  This means lighter gear on soldiers, lighter vehicles, more mobility and less fatigue.

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