Valued in the industry for their lightweight and high strength, TenCate's syntactic materials are high performance resins filled with hollow glass microspheres.  Syntactic materials are used to fill honeycomb core or hollow spaces.  They provide strength for fasteners and prevent moisture/fluid ingression.  Core splices or foams represent syntactic materials that contain a blowing agent.  Core splices expand to transfer load between two discrete honeycomb core pieces.  Many of TenCate's radome materials have a companion low dielectric syntactic system.

Aerospace Syntactics

TenCate's syntactic materials are produced in carbon-free, electrically pure environments.  They feature low dielectric properties and are compatible with TenCate's award-winning line of radome prepregs,  TenCate's syntactics are valued for their low density, high strength, and low outgassing characteristics.

Industrial Syntactics

TenCate’s line of industrial syntactics are used to fill honeycomb core, edge close out and to reinforce honeycomb areas for fastener attachments. Syntactic materials from TenCate provide high strength and lightweight. Both expanding and non expanding versions are available.

TenCate Syntactics Summary Table

Product Type Name Resin Density Cure Temperature
Expanding Film EM-5A Cyanate Ester 50 pcf (0.80 g/cc) 177°C/350°F
Syntactic Paste EX-1541 Cyanate Ester 11, 13, 17.5, 24 pcf (0.18, 0.21, 0.28, 0.38 g/cc) 177°C/350°F

Syntactic Film SF-4 BMI 39 pcf (0.62 g/cc) 250°C/482°F
Syntactic Film SF-5 Cyanate Ester 38 pcf (0.61 g/cc) 177°C/350°F

Syntactic Paste TCF4001 Cyanate Ester 22-26 pcf (0.35 - 0.42 g/cc) 177°C/350°F

Syntactic Film TCF4035 Epoxy 40.0 pcf (0.64 g/cc) 121°C/250°F
Syntactic Film TCF4045 Epoxy 35.5 pcf (0.57 g/cc) 177°C/350°F
Expanding Film TCF4050 Cyanate Ester 69 pcf (1.1 g/cc)
unexpanded (2-4x expansion)

Featured product

TenCate TCF4035
TenCate TCF4035 is a syntactic film compatible with 250°F/121°C epoxy prepregs. It features a long out time and is offered in a density of approximately 40 ± 4 pounds per cubic foot (~0.6 g/cc).

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  • Product table - Aerospace SyntacticsProduct table - Aerospace Syntactics
    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    EX-1541 Cyanate Ester 177°C/350°F 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F One part syntactic paste

    Densities available include 0.18, 0.21, 0.28, 0.38 g/cc (11, 13, 17.5 and 24 pcf)

    Used to fill core in low dielectric structure like radomes

    Low outgassing
    EM-5A Cyanate Ester 204°C/400°F 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F Cyanate ester based expanding film/core splice

    Density of 0.80 g/cc (50 pcf)
    Amspand ES72A-2 Epoxy 114°C/237°F 60 minutes at 125°C/257°F Expanding syntactic film, ideal for core splicing, core fill applications

    Cured density of 0.1-0.4 g/cc (6-25 pcf)
    SF-4 BMI 295°C/563°F 120 minutes at 204°C/400°F followed by 360 minutes at 250°C/452°F Compatible with RS-8HT, TC800 BMI+ and other BMI systems

    Density of 0.62 g/cc, 39 pcf
    SF-5 Cyanate Ester 254°C/490°F 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F. Optional post cure of 120 minutes at 232°C/450°F. Syntactic film compatible with cyanate ester prepregs

    Density of 0.61 g/cc, 38 pcf
    TCF4001 (NEW) Cyanate Ester 177°C/350°F 120 minutes at 177°C /350°F. Optional postcure of 60-90 minutes at 232°C/450°F Cyanate ester syntactic paste

    Density of 0.38 g/cc, 24 pcf
    TCF4035 (NEW) Epoxy 140°C/284°F 180 minutes at 130°C/265°F Good high temperature properties

    Low density, low dielectric core fill. Density of 0.64 g/cc, 40 pcf

    May be post cured for higher Tg
    TCF 4045 Epoxy 356°F/180°C 18o minutes at 179°C/355°F Low dielectric epoxy film for radomes

    Density of 0.56 g/cc, 35.5 pcf
    TCF4050 (NEW) Cyanate Ester 177°C/350°F 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F. Optional postcure of 60-90 minutes at 232°C/450°F High temp core splice adhesive. 1.1g/cc/69 pcf before expansion. 2-4x expansion

    Compatible with TC420 and EX-1505 prepreg resin systems

    Tensile strength up to 260°C/500°F
  • Product table - Industrial Syntactics Product table - Industrial Syntactics
    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    Syntactic Core
    TenCate Amlite LT64 Epoxy 130°C/266°F (DSC) 70°C/158°F Low temperature low density film. Non expanding.

    7 day outlife.
    TenCate Amlite SC8020A Epoxy 106°C/223°F 80°C/176°F Low density syntactic film with flexible cure temperatures from 70-130°C /158-266°F. Request_TCAC_MSDS
    TenCate Amlite SC72A Epoxy 106°C/223°F 120°C/248°F Mid temp curing syntactic film. Ideal for sandwich structure under 3mm /0.11 inches.

    30 day outlife.

    Excellent for edge close outs.
    TenCate Amspand ES72A-2 Epoxy 114°C/237°F (DSC) 125°C/257°F Expanding syntactic core. 

    Ideal for core splicing or core fill and edge close out applications. 

    30 day outlife. 

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