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TenCate offers a select line of epoxy and cyanate ester resin for resin transfer molding. These resins feature long pot lifes and low minimum viscosities for good fiber and laminate wet out. Resin transfer molding allows a part builder the ability to work with dry fibers/fabrics and preforms and then use pressure to throughly wet out the fibers to then fabricate a final part. RTM resins are offered in one part (catalyzed) or in two part form whereby the curing agent must be mixed with the resin before injection. RTM resins then use a subsequent heat cycle to achieve final cure and desired part service temperature or Tg.

Featured product

RS-50 is a toughened low viscosity epoxy RTM resin. It features a long four hour pot life and a low minimum viscosity for excellent RTM and VARTM processing. It can also be used in wet winding applications.

RTM Resins Featured


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    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    RTM Resins
    EX-1510 Cyanate Ester 193°C/380°F or 230°C/447°F with postcure 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F. Optional postcure of 120 minutes at 249°C/480°F Toughened resin system with low 150 cps viscosity at 25°C/77°F

    24 hour pot life

    Low moisture absorption

    Good mechanical properties. good high temp performance
    EX-1545 Cyanate Ester 173°C/345°F 90 minutes at 177°C/350°F Toughened two part resin system

    Low viscosity of 140 cps at 43°C/110°F

    Full properties after 177°C/350°F cure
    P2Si T3 Polyimide 294°C/561°F See data sheet for details. Thermally stable high temperature resin system

    May be cured as low as 315°C/600°F

    No MDA
    P2Si 635LM Polyimide 335°C/635°F 120 minutes at 343°C/650°F Cure temperatures range from 315-371°C/600-700°F 

    Excellent thermo-oxidative stability 

    Low viscosity, Non MDA resin system with performance similar to PMR-15 

    Excellent for high temperature jet engine or military applications
    P2SI® NRPE Polyimide 366°C/690°F 120 minutes at 371°C/700°F Improved AFRPE-4 with improved processing performance (able to cure under lower pressure) 

    Improved hot/wet performance
    P2Si 700LM Polyimide 384°C/723°F See data sheet for details. Thermally stable resin system

    Robust processing window

    High Tg without need for post cure
    P2SI® 900HT Polyimide 466°C/870°F 120 minutes at 371°C/700°F Highest service temperature polyimide 

    Capable of short term 816°C/1500°F usage
    RS-16 Cyanate Ester 167°C/332°F or 231°C/448°F with post cure 120 minutes at 135°C/275°F followed by 120 minutes at 150°C/300°F Low cure temperature RTM system

    Two part system
    RS-50 Epoxy 203°C/397°F 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F Toughened epoxy for structural applications Request_TCAC_MSDS

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