Film adhesives


prepreg-and-adhesive-film-layed-up-on-tool_LoRez-120Customers rely on TenCate's line of film adhesives to provide permanent structural bonds that resist heat and harsh environments. Fully approved for aerospace applications, customers value their strength and durability in honeycomb and composite bonding applications.  With unparalleled lead times and small minimum orders, TenCate sets the standard for customer and technical service.  TenCate's film adhesives and surfacing films are also compatible with our industry leading prepreg systems. 

TenCate provides film adhesives in weights as low as 0.015 lbs per square foot (75 gsm) for ultra-lightweight structure.  Typical film weights for aircraft structural bonding are 0.03 to 0.06 lbs per square foot (150-293 gsm).  TenCate's latest products include TenCate TC263 for high peel strength applications and TenCate TC310 for composite bonding applications.

Aerospace Film Adhesives

lay-up-of-nomex,-adhesive-film-and-prepreg-on-tool_LoRez-180Used in a variety of aerospace applications, TenCate’s film adhesives and surfacing films (TC235SF-1 series) are valued for their quality and high strength.  TenCate's latest products include TC263 and TC310.  TenCate TC263 is a very tough 250°F/121°C curing film adhesive.  TenCate TC310 is a 350°F/177°C curing composite bonding film adhesive.

Industrial Film Adhesives

rolls-of-fabric_LoRez-100TenCate provides a complete line of epoxy film adhesives compatible with our line of industrial prepregs.  Customers value TenCate’s industrial film adhesives for their flexible low-temperature cure schedules and long out lives.

Featured product

TenCate TC310
TenCate TC310 is a toughened epoxy film adhesive with excellent mechanical properties and toughness. It is ideal for honeycomb or laminate bonding and may be cured in either autoclave or vacuum bag processing.

Film adhesives Featured


  • Product table - Aerospace film adhesives and surfacing filmsProduct table - Aerospace film adhesives and surfacing films
    Film adhesives and surfacing films
    EX-1516 Cyanate Ester 121°C/250°F 300 minutes at 121°C/250°F Toughened cyanate ester resin film with low 121°C/250°F cure capability

    Low cure shrinkage

    Low outgassing, good resistance to microcracking, and environmental and radiation exposure
    EX-1543 Cyanate Ester 207°C/405°F with post cure 60-90 minutes at 177°C/350°F. Optional postcure of 120 minutes at 204°C/400°F BTCy-1 series compatible resin film

    Low cure shrinkage

    Low moisture absorption

    Low outgassing, resistance to cyclic microcracking
    RS-4A Cyanate Ester 203°C/397°F 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F Low tack version

    Low cure shrinkage

    Good balance of toughness and mechanical strength

    Reticulatable for lightweight core bonding
    RS-15H Epoxy 80°C/176°F 360 minutes at 93°C/200°F Low temperature cure film adhesive Request_TCAC_MSDS
    TC235SF-1 (NEW) Epoxy Surfacing Film 119°C/246°F 60 minutes at 121°C/250°F Vacuum processible composite surfacing film

    Improves cosmetic surface of composite while providing protective layer

    Offered with metallic screens for lightning strike protection
    TC263 (NEW) Epoxy 110°C/230°F 120 minutes at 121°C/250°F Toughened resin film adhesive

    Capable of low cure pressure/vacuum processing
    TC310 (NEW) Epoxy 157°C/315°F 2 hours at 177°C/350°F Excellent balance of high temperature service and toughness

    Designed for bonding honeycomb/composite structure or composite to composite laminate

    Can be co-cured with prepreg
    TC4015 (NEW) Cyanate Ester 177°C/350°F, or 321°C/610°F with post cure 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F Ablative structure

    High temp structure

    Space structure
  • Product Table - Industrial film adhesives and surfacing filmsProduct Table - Industrial film adhesives and surfacing films
    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    Film adhesives and surfacing films
    TenCate 8020 Surface Film Epoxy 121°C/250°F 80°C/176°F Composite surfacing film which provides class A finishes

    Provides protective durable surface layer for composites

    Easily sandable and has a 7 day outlife
    TenCate EF44 Epoxy  126°C/258°F (DSC) 70°C/158°F Toughened epoxy structural adhesive film with a 7 day outlife Request_TCAC_MSDS
    TenCate EF72 Epoxy 112°C/234°F 120°C/248°F Structural epoxy film adhesive with 30 day outlife Request_TCAC_MSDS
    TenCate EF8020 Epoxy 116°C/241°F 80°C/176°F Wide cure temperature between 70-130°C/158-266°F

    30 day outlife
    Redux 212-NA Foaming Film Adhesive Epoxy 260°C/500°F 120°C/248°F Core splice foaming film adhesive

    90 day outlife
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