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TenCate's CCS Composites group (CCS) specializes in the design, tooling and fabrication of complex compression-moulded composites parts using chopped thermoset and thermoplastic bulk molding compounds. 

You will find these CCS compression-moulded parts in a wide range of applications and industries, including satellites, launch vehicles, military and commercial aircraft, thermal management and high-performance industrial applications.  Compression moulding offers an alternative to machining and hand lay-up for complex geometry components. Typical reinforcements are carbon and glass chopped fibre.  TenCate also manufactures and sells chopped thermoset and thermoplastic chopped fibre (BMC) for compression moulding.

Compression Moulding Features/Benefits

360Cone_1_sml_LoRez-200Compression molding offers both cost and weight savings by allowing complex composite parts to be fabricated in high volumes with short cycle times. Special features such as lightning strike foils and integrated fasteners can be designed into the part.  Compression molded parts utilize chopped fibre bulk molding compounds (BMC), and often are higher strength and lighter weight than the metal parts they replace.  On the Bell/Boeing V-22, compression molded parts have replaced honeycomb stiffened composite parts providing cost and productivity savings.  TenCate can design the part, fabricate the tooling and then move into full production to support your needs.  For prototype parts or parts with limited production volumes, consider compression moulded billet stock.   A technical paper is also available: Billet Stock: Advantages and Usages.

To learn more about compression-moulding part design, reference TenCate's "Long Chopped Fiber Compression Moulding Design Guide".  Available in a hard copy booklet.

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