Composite surfacing films



The manufacturers of the most successful military and general aviation aircraft in the world rely on composite surfacing films from TenCate Advanced Composites. This is because our composite surfacing films protect their composite aircraft from the harsh rigors of flight.  

Composite parts using TenCate's TC235SF surfacing films provide high quality surfaces off the tool, offering a blemish-free, ready to prime composite surface.  TenCate's composite surfacing films can also be combined with lightning strike foils for Zone 1-3 lightning strike protection.  Backed by world class technical support and industry-leading customer service, we have you covered. 

Finish is everything 

In the manufacture of composites, surface finish is critical.  The goal is an imperfection-free surface right from the mould with as little surface prep as possible.  TenCate surface films offer that. The smallest blemish or irregularites can create pin holes which then require costly sanding and fill operations. TenCate's surfacing films create smooth composite surfaces requiring a minimum of secondary finishing. TenCate's TC235SF series of surfacing films raises the bar by providing high quality surfaces, the first time, every time. No wasted time, no secondary fill operations. 

Composite surfacing films protect the composite part by providing an aerodynamically smooth layer that facilitates paint & primer adhesion. Typical film weights are 0.030 to 0.035 psf (150 to 170 gsm) in widths of 50 inches (127 cm) and 36 inches (91 cm) for lighting strike versions.  Other weights and widths are available upon request.

  • Excellent paint adhesion
  • Ideal composite surface finish off mold for shop floor savings
  • Solvent resistant and durable
  • Curable under autoclave or vacuum pressure
  • Lightning strike embedded foils offered for L/S protection
  • Short lead times with iIndustry-leading customer service

Featured product

TC235SF-1 is a composite surfacing film designed to provide paintable composite surfaces off of the tool. TC235SF-1 may be cured under vacuum only pressure or under low autoclave pressure. The surfacing properties of TC235SF-1 allow smooth, paintable surfaces, even with thin-skinned honeycomb stiffened composite structure. TC235SF-LS is a slightly lower tack version which is combined with lighting strike foils for lightning strike protection.

Composite surfacing film Featured product


  • Product tableProduct table
    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    Composite surfacing films
    TC235SF-1 Epoxy Surfacing Film 128°C/246°F 60 minutes at 121°C/250°F Composite surfacing film capable of low pressure vacuum cure

    Available with lightning strike foils/screens for lightning protection

    Offered in clear or opaque versions

    Forms protective durable layer over composite and provides good paint adhesion

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