Bulk moulding compounds


Bulk moulding compounds represent a family of chopped fiber thermoset or thermoplastic-based composite materials. These include our branded TenCate Cetex® MC1100 and TenCate Cetex® MC1200, both leading-edge products. 

Fiber lengths of all our bulk moulding compounds are typically 1/2 inch, 1 inch, or 2 inches (6 to 50 mm). The longer fibers create higher tensile strengths. Shorter fibers allow for greater complexity in the moulded shapes. We utilize standard modulus and intermediate modulus carbon fibers.

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Thermoset or Thermoplastic BMC’s

TenCate offers a complete line of epoxy-based thermosets, and also offers a line of thermoplastic-based chopped carbon fiber moulding compounds using PEEK, like our Cetex® MC1200, and PPS, like our TenCate Cetex® MC1100. We also can offer other thermoplastic resin systems on request.

There are multiple benefits of thermoplastic-based resins, including low moisture uptake, good impact resistance, and low flame, smoke, and toxicity. Our TenCate XPress compression molded chopped fibre thermoplastic parts, for example, are affordable, complex-shaped, and

The chopped fiber bulk molding compounds are precision coated and designed to be ultra low-flow for optimal high fiber/resin content.

Benefits of bulk moulding compounds include:

  • Strength and stiffness of metallic parts like aluminum with 40% less weight.
  • The fabrication of complex shapes with varying cross sections in one efficient compression molding cycle.
  • The fabrication of precise, integrated composite structures.
  • Availability of thermoset and thermoplastic resin-based chopped fiber bulk molding compounds.

Bulk moulding compounds: Easy fabrication of complex parts

It is easier than ever before to design and manufacture complex parts with TenCate Advanced Composites’ bulk moulding compounds. These compounds feature: 

  • Controlled resin content fibers.
  • A high fiber content of typically 50%.
  • Resin systems tailored for compression molding.
  • Ability to design more complicated geometries than possible with continuous fiber composites.
  •  Typical width of 1/8 inch (3.2 mm)
  • Lengths of ½ inch, 1 inch, or 2 inches (12.7 mm, 25.4 mm, or 50.8 mm). 

Bulk moulding compounds offer a great alternative to metal

With a significantly lower density than metals, advanced composite bulk moulding compounds offer tensile strengths similar to aluminum. This allows for the fabrication of lighter weight components that can replace metal parts.

Bulk molding compounds offer a number of advantages over metals, including:

  • Lighter weight
  • Higher strength
  • Corrosion resistance

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  • Product tableProduct table

    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    Bulk moulding compounds
    MS-1A Epoxy 164°C/327°F 15-30 minutes at 138°C/280°F followed by 1-2 hour postcure at 177°C/350°F Epoxy with high modulus fiber Request_TCAC_MSDS
    MS-1H Epoxy 191°C/375°F 15-30 minutes at 138°C/280°F followed by 1-2 hour postcure at 177°C/350°F Fast curing intermediate modulus epoxy Request_TCAC_MSDS
    MS-4H Epoxy 191°C/375°F 15-30 minutes at 138°C/280°F followed by 1-2 hour postcure at 177°C/350°F Fast cure standard modulus epoxy Request_TCAC_MSDS
    TenCate Cetex® MC1100 (NEW) PPS 90°C/194°F Processing Temp: 330°C/625°F PPS based chopped fiber molding compound

    Fire retardant

    Solvent resistant
    TenCate Cetex® MC1200 (NEW) PEEK 143°C/290°F Process Temp: 393°C/694°F PEEK based chopped molding compound

    Solvent resistant

    Fire retardant

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