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TenCate Cetex® TC950

Product description

TenCate Cetex® TC950 represents a family of thermoplastic laminates designed for the footwear, orthotics and athletic equipment such as skates. Please refer to the Consumer Footwear section of the website for the various laminate designs.

Product benefits/features
  • Tailored consolidated laminates based upon glass, carbon or hybrid carbon/glass designs
  • Custom-designed weave provides additional stability, support and bio-mechanical correction of the foot in the lateral to medial orthotic direction
Market segments
  • Recreational / footwear
Product type Thermoplastic Prepreg
Resin type PMMA
Tg n/a
Initial cure temp <195-200°C/383-392°F
Cure time Process temperatures of 195-200°C (383-392°F)
Outtime Indefinite
Post curable No
Vacuum processable No
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