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TenCate Cetex® TC930

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Product description

TenCate Cetex® TC930 HDPE (formerly PMC/Baycomp CFRT® HDPE) is a high strength high density polyethylene unidirectional tape. This TenCate thermoplastic composite is designed for applications such as pipe wrapping in oil & gas and infrastructure piping. The high strength of this material reinforces the pipe, and provides both toughness and strength in overwrapping applications.

Product benefits/features
  • Good toughness
  • High strength
  • Good chemical and solvent resistance
  • Lightweight with excellent hoop reinforcement strength for pipe overwrap applications
Market segments
  • Energy
Product type Thermoplastic Prepreg
Resin type HDPE
Tg 210°C/410°F
Initial cure temp 182-199°C/360-39°F
Cure time Processing temperature of 182-199°C/360-390°F
Outtime Indefinite
Post curable No
Vacuum processable No
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