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TenCate Cetex® TC912

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Product description

TenCate Cetex® TC912 is an engineered thermoplastic composite, utilizing PA6 resin for its high strength and excellent solvent resistance. TenCate Cetex® TC912 is typically supplied in 3.66m x 1.22m (12ft x 4ft) pre-consolidated laminates (RTL) of varying ply thicknesses, specifically adhering to customer designated fibre selection, orientation and ply count. Laminates available as standard are high strength carbon or E-glass as a 50/50 directional fabric reinforcement and high strength carbon as a 80/20 directional fabric reinforcement. TenCate Cetex® TC912 is specifically developed for high volume processes, and is especially suitable as a preform insert for compression and overmoulding to increase part performance. Further optimisation can be gained in secondary processing, due to the thermoplastic resin. These operations can include welding, forming, folding, adhesive bonding and painting.

Product benefits/features
  • Up to 10% improvement of mechanical properties in comparison to alternative materials available in the market • Weldable with different welding technologies
  • Excellent temperature resistance and strength makes it ideal for housing and under the hood applications
  • Good resistance to solvents
  • Industrial volumes can be produced
  • Weldable with various welding technologies
  • Fabric architecture and fibre orientation can be tailored to customer specific applications
Market segments
  • Automotive
Product type Thermoplastic Prepreg
Resin type PA6
Tg 60°C/140°F
Initial cure temp 240-290°C/464-554°F
Cure time Processing temperature of 240-290°C/464-554°F
Outtime Indefinite
Post curable No
Vacuum processable No
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