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Product description

P2SI® NRPE is a high-temperature, structural thermosetting polyimide with a low-melt viscosity. It displays exceptional hot/wet mechanical properties suitable for 550°F-600°F service temperature applications. P2SI® NRPE was developed specifically to address the shortcomings of current market place polyimides, such as marginal hot/wet performance at elevated temperatures and processing limitations due to intrinsic matrix chemistry. P2SI® NRPE provides significantly improved hot/wet durability, lower manufacturing costs and faster processing times

Product benefits/features
  • Less than 100 psi processing pressure, no post cure required
  • ~110°F higher operational safety margin compared to other polyimides
  • De-sized carbon reinforcement cost savings compared to polyimide finished fibers/textiles
  • Less than 100 poise melt viscosity
Market segments
  • High Temperature
Product type RTM Resins Thermoset Prepreg
Resin type Polyimide
Tg 366°C/690°F
Initial cure temp 371°C/700°F
Cure time 120 minutes at 371°C/700°F
Outtime TBD
Post curable Yes
Vacuum processable No
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