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TenCate AmberTool® HX42

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Product description

TenCate AmberTool® HX42 is an epoxy resin system that can be pre-impregnated into high performance fibers such as carbon, glass and aramid. It is an exceptional and very well proven system that exhibits a high end-use temperature and extended outlife. After a suitable post-cure an end-use temperature of 190ºC (374ºF) is achieved.

Product benefits/features
  • Low initial cure temperature
  • Excellent resistance to phenolic resins
  • High end-use temperature
Market segments
  • Tooling
Product type Thermoset Prepreg Tooling Prepreg
Resin type Epoxy
Tg 200°C/392°F
Initial cure temp 190°C/374°F
Cure time 12 hours at 60°C/140°F
Outtime 5 days
Post curable Yes
Vacuum processable Yes
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