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TenCate EX-1545
Cyanate Ester

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Product description

EX-1545 is a 2-part highly modified, tough cyanate ester resin formulated to have extremely low viscosity at room temperature. The low viscosity allows RTM processing with minimal heat to the resin, which extends resin pot life and mold filling time for difficult and/or large RTM’d structures. EX-1545 displays both excellent mechanical and thermal properties in addition to low moisture absorption. Finally, the material is unique in that it develops full mechanical properties from its initial 350°F (177°C) cure.

Product benefits/features
  • Toughened RTM system
  • Full properties with 177°C/350°F cure
  • Low viscosity of 140 cps at 43°C/110°F
Market segments
  • Radome
  • Space/Satellite
Product type RTM Resins
Resin type Cyanate Ester
Tg 173°C/345°F
Initial cure temp 177°C/350°F
Cure time 1.5 hours at 177°C/350°F
Outtime 24 hours
Post curable No
Vacuum processable Yes
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