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TenCate TC264-1

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Product description

TenCate TC264-1 is a flame retardant epoxy prepreg that has been developed for oven-cure composite fabrication processes utilizing either expendable or reusable lay-up mandrels. This epoxy based prepreg system is ideal for use in applications where flame retardency is needed such as air management system ducting, decorative enclosures and fire retardant aircraft interior composite panel assemblies.

Product benefits/features
  • Meets 12 and 60 second vertical burn for aircraft interiors
  • Offered on aramid or glass fabrics with either one or two sided tack
  • Ideal for both aircraft interior sandwich and/or solid laminate construction
Market segments
  • Aircraft Interiors
Product type Thermoset Prepreg
Resin type Epoxy
Tg 122- 124°C/251-255°F
Initial cure temp 118-127°C/245-260°F
Cure time 90 minutes at 118-127°C/245-260°F
Outtime 30 days
Post curable No
Vacuum processable Yes
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