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TenCate RS-36

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Product description

RS-36 is an advanced modified epoxy system for structural composite applications such as sat. RS-36 offers an excellent balance of mechanical properties, low moisture absorption, high glass transition temperatures and a range of processing options. A slightly higher Tg version is available called RS-36-1 with similar mechanical properties.

Product benefits/features
  • Excellent balance of Tg, toughness, modulus and mechanical properties
  • Qualified for satellite and high modulus fiber applications
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Vacuum bag and autoclave processible (out of autoclave processible)
Market segments
  • Space/Satellite
Product type Thermoset Prepreg
Resin type Epoxy
Tg 181C/358°F
Initial cure temp 177°C/350°F
Cure time 90 minutes at 177°C/350°F
Outtime 30 days
Post curable No
Vacuum processable Yes
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