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TenCate EX-1541
Cyanate Ester

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Product description

EX-1541 cyanate ester syntactic foam is extremely unique in the industry due to its coupling of extremely low density and good structural properties. The material does not require pressing during cure to achieve it mechanical properties and is easily machined to shape if required. EX-1541 is simply packed or injected into tooling cavities and can also be extruded with the proper tooling. EX-1541’s inherently low dielectric/low loss performance makes it ideal for radomes, antennae and radar transparent structures, while its cyanate ester backbone chemistry assures low moisture absorption and low outgassing. These latter two features couples with EX-1541’s low isotropic CTE make it ideal for spacecraft and other dimensionally stable structures and tooling.

Product benefits/features
  • Post curable for higher Tg
  • Available in multiple density versions 11, 13 and 17.5 pcf (0.18, 0.21 and 0.28 g/cc)
  • Low dielectric properties
Market segments
  • Radome
  • Space/Satellite
Product type Syntactic
Resin type Cyanate Ester
Tg 177°C/350°
Initial cure temp 177°C/350°
Cure time 2 hours at 177°C/350°F
Outtime 14 days
Post curable Yes
Vacuum processable No
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