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P2Si 635LM

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Product description

P2SI® 635LM provides a unique balance of thermal stability, resin infusion processability, mechanical performance, and affordability. P2SI® 635LM offers significant versatility compared to competitive products in the marketplace, including a high-use temperature (up to 550°F continuous), low-melt viscosity, large processing window, and flexible cure behavior. Cure cycles range from 600°F/4h with a post cure to 700°F/1h without a post cure.

Product benefits/features
  • Low viscosity, non MDA resin system with similar performance to PMR-15
  • Excellent for high temperature jet engine or military applications
  • Good thermo-oxidative stability and mechanical performance
Market segments
  • High Temperature
Product type RTM Resins
Resin type Polyimide
Tg 335°C/635°F
Initial cure temp 343°C/650°F
Cure time 120 minutes at 343°C/650°F
Outtime TBD
Post curable Yes
Vacuum processable No
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