TenCate Advanced Composites has a broad range of composite material solutions to suit a diverse range of applications within the medical market. Continually investing in product development, we have a portfolio of thermoset and thermoplastic materials that have been developed specifically for use within:

  • Medical
  • X-ray couches, tables and mammography plates
  • MRI scanners and C scanner components
  • Surgical target devices and tools
  • Prosthetics e.g. springs
  • Orthotics e.g. anterior foot, podiatric correcting in-soles, braces
  • Walking aids and wheel chairs

Material properties

Properties of our materials include:
  • Medical
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • X-ray transparency
  • Heat resistance for steam sterilisation & excellent solvent resistance
  • Excellent cosmetic finish
  • Excellent damping and shock attenuation and resiliency
  • Enhanced energy return (spring) and response
  • Light weight and thin – minimise weight to reduce fatigue & stress
  • Tailored properties – varying degrees of stiffness

Featured product

TenCate E726
TenCate E726 is a toughened epoxy resin system with controlled flow for cures at 120°C (248°F), pre-impregnated into high performance fibres such as carbon, glass and aramid. It is designed for use within medical and industrial applications and would also suit a wide range of engineering applications. TenCate E726 is compatible for co-cure with TenCate EF72, a 120°C (248°F) cure resin film and TenCate Amlite SC72A syntactic core.

Medical Featured


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