Reduction of downtime is critical in an industry when every minute costs.


TenCate Cetex® thermoplastic unidirectional tapes offer the combination of improved corrosion resistance, ease of assembly and high strength and stiffness per unit weight. The use of improved corrosion resistant materials allow a pipeline to last longer, thereby increasing the number of days between replacements. Rapid assembly methods, spool-able pipe, and use of lighter structures, reduce infrastructure costs associated with pipeline component replacement. Composite applications in oil and gas include wrapped pipe and tubing for increased strength, composite pipe for weight reduction and corrosion resistance, molded frac spheres, dielectric structures for inspection and monitoring, and carbon fiber reinforced tethers. Other applications include composite pressure cylinders used on oil and gas equipment and replacement of metal drill plugs with lighter weight composites for easier removal.


In the wind industry, thermoplastic tapes can be used in high volume automated processes for manufacture of blades and nacelles. Carbon fiber reinforced blades are especially useful where strength and stiffness vs. weight becomes an issue, such as with floating platforms.

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TenCate Cetex® TC930 HDPE
TenCate Cetex® TC930 HDPE (formerly PMC/Baycomp CFRT® HDPE) is a high strength high density polyethylene unidirectional tape. This TenCate thermoplastic composite is designed for applications such as pipe wrapping in oil & gas and infrastructure piping. The high strength of this material reinforces the pipe, and provides both toughness and strength in overwrapping applications. 

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