TenCate supplies thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials for a variety of applications in:
  • Automotive and F1 racing
  • Oil & gas
  • Consumer electronic enclosures
  • Recreational products including consumer footwear  
  • Marine composites
  • Medical, including orthotics

Composites have become the material of choice as a result of their lightweight, competitive cost and unique performance attributes. Carbon fibre prepregs allow for lightweight and high stiffness in applications ranging from oil and gas to recreational products. Glass fibre prepregs off performance with lower costs and improved strength over injection molded platics.

Through the acquisition of PMC Baycomp (TenCate Performance Composites) for industrial thermoplastic prepregs, and Amber Composites in the UK (TenCate UK) for industrial thermosets and tooling prepregs. TenCate has a complete range of composite materials for all Industrial needs globally.

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