Consumer electronics


Consumer electronics Handheld devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptops are increasingly being used on the move. Their versatility is enhanced by protection against scratches, impacts and liquids whist maintaining design asthetics and lightweight properties. Advanced composite materials from TenCate enable this protection by their superior properties in impact resistance, light weight, cosmetic surface finish and fire retardancy.

The TenCate CFRT® and Cetex® thermoplastic composite portfolio of materials offers extensive material options and high volume processing solutions.  TenCate's thermoplastic materials are ideal replacements for metals in enclosures and cases for laptops, tablets, cell phone and game consoles.  Fine features such as clips and ribs can be easily and efficiently overmoulded.    

TenCate also offers a wide range of low dielectric thermoset based composite materials to enable electromagnetic and high frequency radio waves to pass unhindered, allowing sensors to work optimally. Thanks to this exceptional electrical transparency, these materials are used extensively in applications such as antennas, satellite dishes and mobile and fixed radar and sonar systems.


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