TenCate Advanced Composites is driving changes in the automotive market around the world. There is strong global pressure for increased mobility coupled with reduced carbon dioxide emissions and increased safety requirements. Demand for lightweight, strong materials is increasing.

As a developer and manufacturer of both thermoset and thermoplastic materials for the automotive market, TenCate is perfectly positioned to provide a total advanced composite material solution for a wide range of applications and manufacturing processes.

Because of their inherent structural strength, our composite materials are a benchmark for high-quality engineered thermoplastic composite materials in the automotive industry. These polymers can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of needs.

Using experience and knowledge developed over decades, TenCate thermoset and TenCate Cetex® thermoplastic materials have a broad and proven range of structural, cosmetic and high-temperature application areas.

In the automotive industry, selection of a material is often based on the ability to offer high-volume manufacturing of lightweight components. Our current batch production processes successfully and consistently deliver high-quality products for customers where cost leadership is an important factor. TenCate advanced composite materials offer equivalent strength and stiffness, but with a lower weight, when compared to metallic parts.

Driving the change


With over 30 years’ heritage in thermoplastic composites, TenCate Cetex® thermoplastic material represents our platform for change in a rapidly evolving industry:

  • Available in a broad range of reinforcements formats from tailored fabric laminates to unidirectional tape using carbon, glass and aramid

  • Resin matrices available to meet specific cost and performance program requirements with PA6, PP, HDPE, PC/ABS, PET and high-end thermoplastics such as PEI, PPS, PEKK and PEEK

We engineer TenCate Cetex®laminates and organic sheets to meet the structural demands of volume applications including under-the-hood components, hybrid wheels, chassis, pillars and structural interior parts.

Our skilled engineers work in partnership with our customers to find solutions that best meet their needs. This support is leveraged with our comprehensive development facilities, allowing product customization and database generation.

The strength of TenCate automotive composites


New, customer-focused solutions can be developed and introduced rapidly and reliably.

  • Impressive track record in the global aerospace industry

  • Platform of knowledge and experience in the development, production and processing of both thermoplastic and thermoset composite technologies

  • High-grade, industrialized production environment

  • Extensive experience in the building of value chains in new thermoplastic composite markets
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TenCate E731
TenCate E731 is a toughened epoxy resin system designed to offer enhanced resin clarity for cosmetic components within the high-performance automotive industry. This thermoset prepreg’s resin formulation ensures that resulting components are free from white-spots and offer high clarity. Controlled tack allows easy repositioning of this resin.

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