Launch structures


When the world's leading and emerging rocket manufacturers want to ensure critical mission success, they turn to TenCate materials. The newest generation of launch vehicles and crew capsules use TenCate's advanced composites. That’s because TenCate materials enable cost-effective fabrication of large composite structure using state-of-the-art, out-of-autoclave processing.

TenCate materials feature:

  • Long out-times
  • Low moisture absorption and
  • Optimized tack levels.

 They also deliver low void content under low pressure processing. With a comprehensive product portfolio of thermosets, thermoplastics, and chopped fiber bulk molding compounds combined with an array of resin and fiber choices, TenCate is the material supplier of choice.

Material Solutions

TenCate’s TC275-1 out-of-autoclave/vacuum-bag-only capable prepregs are ideal for use in large barrel assemblies, inner stage structure, cryo-tanks and heatshields. TenCate's TC275-1 features high resistance to moisture, good toughness, and an excellent capability to deliver low void parts under vacuum cure processing.   

High Temperature Applications

High-temperature materials like TenCate’s TC420 and RS-8HT are used for engines, heat shields and ablative areas. TenCate high temperature materials were used on the heat shields and back shell structure of NASA’s Orion crew vehicle, replacing titanium for both cost and weight savings.

Complex Parts Molded from Chopped Fiber

TenCate's CCS Composites group mold ideas into reality. Customers use TenCate compression moulded parts to replace metal or composite parts, achieving both cost and weight savings. Through the use of compression moulding, we are able to design and manufacture complex composite parts.

TenCate’s CCS Composites group offers turnkey manufacturing, allowing us to optimize the part, design the tooling and fabricate these parts in cost-effective, high volumes. We can truly customize each part, creating them with integral stiffeners and fasteners, as well as with lightning strike foils on the surface, for example. Your only limit is your imagination.

Visit TenCate’s compression moulded parts gallery to see more images of what’s available and possible for your company.

Read our technical paper on chopped fiber billet and learn about a new material form for prototypes and limited production runs, Compression Molded Billet: Advantages and Usages. This paper explains the benefits of composites, which also allow rapid "machining-to-shape" for your final parts.

We also offer a one-page overview of an example of a complex antenna housing made via machined billet stock.

Please access our satellite/space/launch vehicle brochure for more information.

Featured product

TC275-1 is a dual cure toughened epoxy prepreg designed to facilitate composite part construction with low pressure or vacuum pressure cures. This resin system features a 14-day tack life and 21-day out time to allow the construction of thick or larger composite structure. TC275-1 may be cured at a lower temperature of 275°F/135°C or can be cured at 350°F/177°C for higher temperature service.

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