TenCate offers fire-retardant advanced composites for the aerospace interior industry.  Across the industry, experts use TenCate lightweight composite materials in a wide variety of aircraft interior applications ranging from floor panels, keel beams, luggage bins, seats, trolleys and galleys.  These products deliver high levels of reliability and performance, easily withstanding the rigors and demands of air travel.

Thermoplastics versus Thermosets

1854_Bin_187wWith unsurpassed fire, smoke and toxicity performance, TenCate's Cetex® brand thermoplastic composites are valued in aircraft interiors. Their OSU values are well below the current 65/65 requirements for aircraft interiors. For example, TenCate Cetex TC925FST, a polycarbonate-based thermoplastic composite offers OSU values of 25/25. Another example, TenCate Cetex TC1000 Premium and Design series, utilizes a PEI thermoplastic with OSU values of <15/15.  

Additional benefits of these thermoplastic materials include being re-formable, as well as more easily recycled as opposed to thermoset epoxies and phenolics. Also, thermoplastic advanced composites feature forming cycles in minutes, versus cure cycles of hours for thermosets. This saves time and money and increases productivity. 

Read the Composite World Focus on Design article highlighting Boeing's usage of TenCate Cetex® thermoplastics for aircraft smoke detector pans.  Another interesting case study is Dreissen's development of an interior trolley using TenCate's Cetex® thermoplastic composites.

TenCate's Engineering Guide for Interiors describes thermoplastic composite applications and processing in detail.  Available in hard copy. 

Key Benefits of Thermoplastic Composites for Aircraft Interiors

  • Enhances productivity with fast five cycle times
  • Re-processible and easily recycled
  • Remarkably low OSU results
  • Impact-resistant
  • Choice of three surface laminate options 
    – rough, brushed & glossy
  • Availability of tinted versions 
  • Ability to sublimate with graphics finishes
TenCate offers Cetex® thermoplastics in laminate, fabric or unitape form. They are certified to Boeing and Airbus specifications as well.

Featured product

TenCate Cetex® TC925 FST
TenCate Cetex® TC925 FST is a value oriented engineered thermoplastic composite, utilizing polycarbonate resin for good surface qualities, impact toughness and good fire resistance.

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Interiors Featured application


  • Product TableProduct Table
    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    Thermoplastic prepregs
    TenCate Cetex® TC925 FST (NEW) Polycarbonate (PC) 153°C/307°F Process temp -225°C/ 437°F TenCate Cetex® TC925 FST is a lower cost thermoplastic for value oriented interior applications

    Good FST performance (OSU<25/25)

    Translucent laminate offers good chemical resistance

    White colour option for visual aspect
    TenCate Cetex® TC1000 Premium Polyetherimide (PEI) 215°C/419°F Process temp - 315°C/600°F This is a PEI based resin either on glass or carbon exhibits high temperature capability and features: Low flammability - V-0, Good impact toughness, Low moisture absorption of 1.25%, Qualified at Airbus and Boeing

    Ideal for interior applications ranging from floor panels, to seat plyths, to luggage bins
    TenCate Cetex® 1000 Design Polyetherimide (PEI) 215°C/419°F Process temp - 315°C/600°F Good impact toughness

    Excellent flame, smoke and toxicity resistance

    Value oriented version for interiors
    TenCate Cetex® TC1100 Poly phenylene sulfide (PPS) 90°C/194°F Process temp - 330°C/625°F Excellent structural properties

    Solvent resistant and fire retardent

    Good impact resistance and toughness
    TenCate Cetex® TC1200 Polyether etherketone (PEEK) 143°C/290°F Process temp - 385°C/725°F TenCate Cetex TC1200 represents thermoplastic unitapes either glass, carbon or aramid with PEEK resin Request_TCAC_MSDS
    Thermoset prepregs
    TC264-1 FR Epoxy 122-124°C/251-255°F 90 minutes at 118-127°C/245-260°F Ideal for use in applications where flame retardency is needed such as air management system ducting, decorative enclosures and fire retardent composite panel assemblies

    This product replaces TC264 for new applications
    Ancillary Materials
    TC263 Epoxy 110°C/230°F 120 minutes at 121°C/250°F Toughened film adhesive Request_TCAC_MSDS
    Honeycomb & Core Services
    Aluminium Honeycomb - Aerospace Grade n/a - Honeycomb Cutting Services n/a n/a High strength-to-weight properties at relatively low cost

    Structural aerospace grade aluminium honeycomb available in 5052 and 5056 alloy

    Cut to thickness specification with fast turnaround times
    Aluminium Honeycomb - Commercial Grade n/a n/a n/a Commercial grade aluminium honeycomb core

    Corrosion resistant 3003 alloy aluminium

    Cut to thickness specification with fast turnaround times
    Nomex Honeycomb - Aerospace Grade n/a n/a n/a Nomex® paper sheets and are coated and bonded together with a high modulus phenolic resin

    Cut to thickness specification with fast turnaround times

    Fire resistant and self extinguishing

    Good dielectric properties

    High temperature strength up to 180°C/ 356°F
    Nomex Honeycomb - Commercial Grade n/a n/a n/a Fire resistant and self extinguishing

    Good thermal and electrical insulative

    High strength to weight ratio and easily formable to shape
    Flex-Core n/a n/a n/a Made from either 5052 or 5056 aluminium alloy foil and is available in two cell sizes

    Unique cell configurations that permit small radii of curvature without deformation of the cell walls or loss of mechanical properties

    For leading edges, flaps, nacelles, fairings, doors and access covers, and other parabolic, spherical and cylindrical shapes

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