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Operating in temperature extremes of 260-371°C/ 500-700°F, TenCate's line of cyanate esters, polyimides and BMI’s are up to the test.  Offering thermal stability and long term high-temperature performance, these unique materials replace titanium and other nickel alloy metals in heat shields, missile fins, hypersonic aircraft and military jet engines. In partnership with PROOF Research’s Performance Polymer Solutions (P2Si), TenCate prepregs P2Si's polyimide resins on a variety of carbon and ceramic reinforcements.       


High temperatureTenCate's high temperature advanced composites are valued in: 
  • Military applications 
  • Hypersonic applications 
  • Missile structures 
  • Launch vehicles 
  • Heat shields 
  • Jet engines ducts and afterburner structure
Learn more about this unique class of composites materials by referencing our High Temperature Materials Brochure.

Featured product

TenCate TC420 
TenCate's TC420 is a flow-controlled, high-temperature cyanate ester resin, toughened to resist microcracking. TC420 is specifically formulated for the production of large out-of-autoclave structure and can act as a self-adhesive system within the structure.  TC420 is available in a variety of formats, including fabric and unitape prepregs.  Additionally, TC420 is offered with a compatible film adhesive, syntactic paste and expanding foam. This resin system is easy to process and yields low void laminates through a flexible cure cycle under vacuum-bag-only pressures.  TC420 is also well suited for processing in an autoclave.  

High temperature Featured


  • Product TableProduct Table
    Product Name Resin Type Tg Cure Temp Description SDS
    RS-8HT BMI 285°C/545°F 120 minutes at 204°C/400°F, post cure at 360 minutes at 250°C/482°F.

    RS-8HT provides excellent elevated temperature properties with moderate toughness and good moisture resistance.

    Also available as an RTM resin.

    RS-51 Polyimide 734°F/390°C Call for details.

    Extremely high service temperature AFRPE-4 resins.

    Ideal for jet engine parts.

    TC420 Cyanate Ester 177°C/350°F or 321°C/610°F with post cure 3 hours at 177°C/350°F. Optional post cure at 260°C/500°F

    Very high temperature service.

    Good resistance to microcracking.

    Out of autoclave processible.

    TC890 Polyimide 454°C/850°F 120 minutes at 371°C/700°F

    Highest service temperature polyimide.

    Service temperature capability up to 538°C/1000°F.


    Film Adhesives
    P2Si® DS77 Polyimide N/A 327-371°C/620-700°F

    Available in paste or film form.

    Compatible with PMR-15, Avimid R, RP46 and RB.

    Capable of 260-288°C/500-550°F service.

    TC310 Epoxy 157°C/315°F 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F Toughened composite bonding film adhesive. Request_TCAC_MSDS
    TC4015 Cyanate Ester 177°C/350°F, or 321°C/610°F with post cure 120 minutes at 177°C/350°F Film adhesive for high temp structure - ablatives, heat shields, leading edges. Request_TCAC_MSDS
    P2SI® AFRPE-4™ Polyimide 371°C/700°F Call for information

    High temperature polyimide.

    Utilized for high 

    P2SI® NRPE Polyimide 366°C/690°F 120 minutes at 371°C/700°F

    Improved AFRPE-4 with improved processing performance (able to cure under lower pressure).

    Improved hot/wet performance.

    P2Si® T3 Polyimide 294°C/561°F See data sheet for details

    Developed for vacuum assisted RTM.

    Does not contain MDA.

    May be cured as low as 315°C/615°F.

    P2Si® 635LM Polyimide 335°C/635°F 120 minutes at 343°C/650°F

    Well balanced high temperature polyimide resin system.

    Cure temperatures range from 315-371°C/600-700°F.

    Excellent thermo-oxidative stability.

    Low viscosity, Non MDA resin system with performance similar to PMR-15.

    Excellent for high temperature jet engine or military applications.

    P2Si® 700LM Polyimide 384°C/724°F See data sheet for details.

    Thermally stable resin system.

    Robust processing window.

    P2SI® 900HT Polyimide 466°C/870°F 120 minutes at 371°C/700°F Highest service temperature polyimide.
    Capable of short term 816°C/1500°F usage.
    SF-4 BMI 295°C/563°F 120 minutes at 204°C/400°F and 360 minutes at 250°C/452°F Compatible with RS-8HT and other BMI systems. Request_TCAC_MSDS
    TCF4001 (NEW) Cyanate Ester (Syntactic Foam) 177°C/350°F

    120 minutes at 177°C/350°F.

    Optional post cure of 60-90 minutes at 232°C/450°F.

    Compatible with TC420.
    Cyanate ester syntactic foam.
    Packed or injected into tooling cavities and can also be extruded with the proper tooling.
    TCF4050 Cyanate Ester (Core Splice) 177°C/350°F

    120 minutes at 177°C/350°F.

    Optional post cure of 60-90 minutes at 232°C/450°F.

    Core splice adhesive.

    Tensile strength up to 260°C/500°F.
    Compatible with TC420 and EX1505 prepreg resin systems.


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