Compression moulding


The TenCate CCS Composites group specializes in the design, tooling and fabrication of complex compression-moulded parts using chopped thermoset and thermoplastic-based materials.

You will find these CCS compression-moulded parts in a large range of applications and industries including launch vehicles, satellites, military and commercial aircraft, thermal management and high performance industrial applications.  In addition, CCS moulds syntactic materials for small radome structures, low-dielectric fillers and other specialty applications in the missile and military aircraft industry.  TenCate can design the part, fabricate the tooling and move into full production to support your needs. 

Compression moulding offers significant benefits for users. It saves on cost and weight by allowing complex composite parts to be fabricated in high volumes with short cycle times.  Because compression-moulded parts use chopped fibre bulk moulding compounds (BMC) instead of metal parts they replace, they're lighter in weight and stronger.   For example, on the Bell/Boeing V-22, compression moulded parts replaced honeycomb-stiffened composite parts, providing cost and productivity savings. 

Additionally, it's easy to incorporate special features, like lightning strike foils and integrated fasteners, which can be designed into the part's manufacturing process.

Compression moulding offers a common alternative to machining and composite hand lay-up for complex geometry components.  This solution offers high-volume production at a lower cost and lighter weight.  Users may select BMC made with carbon or glass chopped fibre combined with either a toughened epoxy or a thermoplastic resin.  

CCS supplies compression moulded parts for nearly every major military aircraft program in the United States and for many commercial programs as well.  The parts we provide range from very small clips and brackets to secondary structural parts two meters in length.  Many users also ask CCS to combine lightning strike foils and integrated fasteners into the part, along with added ribs and stiffeners in high-load zones. 

Read TenCate's technical papers describing our compression moulded parts in the aerospace industry, accessible in our Resources section, Technical Papers

Specialized Features

  • Integral lightning strike surfaces
  • Integrated fasteners
  • Paint and stenciling
  • Optimized designs with additional thickness for load
    carrying attach points
  • Thermoset or thermoplastic resins
  • Ability to mold syntactics for radome or heat shields

To read about a real world application of TenCate's CCS Composites group, read the article from High Performance Magazine: Redesigning for Simplicity.  It explains how the V-22 Osprey saved weight and cost through the use of CCS compression-moulded parts for access doors.

To learn more about compression-moulding part design, reference TenCate's "Long Chopped Fiber Compression Moulding Design Guide".  Available in a hard copy booklet.

Featured product

TenCate now provides compression-moulded billet stock up to 64 mm thick (2.5 inches). Composite billet stock reduces the cost of thick part fabrication and this billet stock can be used for:
  • BilletStock_IMG1764_187wHard point structure
  • Prototype or small volume parts
  • Replacement of metal parts with solid
    composite parts machined like metal parts
  • Complex compression molded parts with the cost of hard tooling
  • To learn more about the cost efficiencies of billet stock, please refer to our technical paper: 
    Compression Molded Billet: Advantages and Usages

Featured product BMC Billet Stock

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Compression moulding Featured application


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