13 April 2010

TCAC Technical Partnership with Lockheed Martin: JEC 2010

April 13-15th, 2010,  JEC Trade Show, Paris, France  - TenCate Advanced 
Composites announces the development of a line of ultra-high temperature microcrack 
resistant prepreg systems that were the basis for materials used in Lockheed Martin’s 
Orion Spacecraft Heat Shield.
Dr. Frank Lee, Vice President of Technology states “we have worked closely over the 
last 18 months on this demanding application resulting in the development of materials 
that can withstand both the rigors of space flight, and the high heat of re-entry.
Especially critical in the development effort was the need to provide materials which 
were optimized for very large scale vacuum bag processing fabrication methods. ”
Scott Unger, Group President reports “TenCate has long played a long standing role in 
high temperature materials for ablative missile components, high temperature military
engine ducts and oil & gas applications.” TenCate’s product offerings include BMI’s, 
polyimides (AFRPE-4) and cyanate ester resins.
As part of the Orion program, 
TenCate was asked to develop a line of compatible film adhesives, resins, core splices and syntactic products. The Orion project represents one of the larger structural applications for out of autoclave processing and capitalizes on TenCate’s fifteen years of experience in out of autoclave materials for general aviation, UAV, satellite and radome structures. 
Download: TCAC_Participation_OrionHeatShield_040210.pdf