17 April 2010

NEW PRODUCT - TC235SF: SAMPE Seattle 2010

Joe Morris , Vice President and COO states that “over the past several years, we have seen an industry wide need for cost effective  composite surfacing films designed specifically for low cure pressure environments including vacuum only cures.  TC235SF addresses some of the basic industry needs by providing low porosity, an excellent surface appearance and the capability to self level under low cure pressures. ”

TC235SF is part of a family of compatible prepreg resin systems (BT250, TC250 etc) designed to cure at either 250°F or 350°F (121°C-177°C) in both low pressure and vacuum pressure environments. It has been developed to provide a cosmetically smooth appearance over thin skinned honeycomb core stiffened composites as well as solid laminates. It also has the capability to maintain integrity over tight radiuses.


For more info, please see our website for a technical data sheet.

Download: TC235SF_PR04.17.10.pdf