13 April 2010

Dr. Jim Mondo Joins TenCate: JEC 2010

April 13-15th, 2010, JEC Composites Show, Paris, France - TenCate Advanced 
Composites USA is pleased to announce that Dr. Jim Mondo has joined TenCate as 
Vice President of Thermoplastic Technology.  Dr. Mondo has over thirty years of 
experience in thermoplastic materials,  part fabrication and technology, and automated 
fiber placement equipment design. 
Previous to joining TenCate Advanced Composites, Dr. Mondo 
was President of Automated Dynamics, a leading ATL/AFP 
equipment supplier with technology positions in thermoplastic 
fabrication and automation solutions.  
Joe Morris, Vice President and COO of TenCate Advanced 
Composites states “Jim is a seasoned veteran of both 
thermoplastic composites and automation solutions. The 
aerospace industry’s need for cost effective fabrication
technologies match well with Jim’s experience and TenCate’s 
leading thermoplastic composite products.
Dr. Mondo will have responsibility for all new thermoplastic technology and automation 
integration efforts. He will serve as TenCate’s U.S. representative on several key 
thermoplastic consortiums that TenCate is involved in including TAPAS
Dr. Mondo has a PhD from Yale University in Organic Chemistry and held key 
management positions in the past at Phillips 66 Composites and Quadrax Corporation. 
TenCate Advanced Composites has over several tons of thermoplastic composites on 
each Airbus A380 in a variety of structural applications ranging from the leading edge, 
pylons to ribs and spars.   TenCate’s Cetex® thermoplastic prepregs are utilize PPS, 
PEI (Ultem), PEEK and PEKK resins, and are qualified on  major commercial aircraft 
OEM specifications. Recent program participation includes Cetex PPS thermoplastic prepregs on the new Gulfstream G650 aileron and elevator, and as reported previously 
Cetex Thermo-Lite® PEEK unitapes for the Sikorsky CH-53K helicopter internal cargo
flooring system.
(1) The TAPAS (Thermo Plastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structure) research program is sponsored by 
Airbus to focus on the development of a new generation of thermoplastic composite materials for use in 
primary structural components of future Airbus aircraft.  The TAPAS program members include: TenCate, 
Stork Fokker AESP, Airborne Composites, KVE Composites Group, Dutch Thermoplastic Components, 
Technobis and University of Twente and Technical University of Delft.
(2) Thermoplastic Composites Research Centre (TPRC) at the University of Twente in the 
Netherlands. TPRC began last year at the University of Twente and its members include Boeing, TenCate, 
Stork Fokker and the University of Twente.
(3) AMRC  is the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center with Boeing, and represents
a $150 million funded partnership that builds on the technological innovation of the world's leading 
aerospace company’s and research within the University of Sheffield's faculty of engineering.
Download: JimMondo_JoinsTCACasVP_040210.pdf